domingo, 6 de janeiro de 2013

Activating Stars

Compartilho com vocês um artigo muito interessante de David Twicken.

Hello Feng Shui Friends:

I would like to begin a new discussion on Activating Stars.

This is an area that is of critical importance in the practice of 
classical feng shui.

Most agree forms must support or activate the Stars. On a basic level 
the following are usually agreed with by most.

1. Favorable for People and Wealth should have Water in the Facing 
direction to activate the Water Star and Mountain in the Sitting 
Direction to activate the Mountain Stars.

2. Reversed Structure should have Mountain in the facing direction to 
activate the Mountain Star and Water in the Sitting direction to 
activate the Mountain Star.

3. Double Facing should have Mountain and Water in the Facing 
directions to activate both stars in the facing palace.

4. Double Sitting should have Mountain and Water in the direction to 
activate both stars in the Sitting palace.

The grey areas include the following and I open this for discussion. 
Feel free to add any other questions you may have. 

1. What if the forms are not there, do these buildings still retain 
the benefits of these structures? If so to what degree?

2. What if water and mountain are both in the forms, where both are 
not needed, are the effects still favorable?

3. If the wrong forms exist does it mean disaster or just one is not 
maximizing the situation?

4. What if one lives in an apartment or condo and can not put forms 
outside the unit, but places them inside the unit, can it be 
effective and to what degree?

5. If one uses Move In Date and gets a chart that requires Water in 
the Facing direction for the forms, but it requires Mountain 
according to Construction Year, what will be the result when one 
creates the forms or if they already exist?

It seems to me if one does not believe in some kind of multi-
dimensional aspect of feng shui than this situation creates a big 
problem. If they do then one should be consistent that this mutli-
dimensional nature exists in all forms of feng shui, not just one 

best wishes,

David Twicken