quarta-feira, 9 de maio de 2012

Objetivo do trabalho do Feng Shui Clássico

Informs you on why certain houses feel better than others

Shows what part of a house is the best area to sleep and work
Shows what the fortune of the occupants will be
Tells a story of the lives of the occupants
Can predict the outcome of events
Shows what illnesses and organs of the body may be susceptible to diseases
Help you to choose a house to gain a specific outcome e.g. career improvement, birth of intelligent children, academic achievement, attract romance and a life partner
Increase your wealth
Improves your character and outlook on life
Inspires confidence and peace - true Feng Shui gives you the impetus to succeed
Gives clarity and direction - true Feng Shui helps you to know what to do in your home and business to be successful

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