sexta-feira, 11 de maio de 2012

O Qi das Estrelas.

Posto uma excelente explicação de Master Yu sobre o Qi das Estrelas.

Stars are living qi. Water stars are yang qi while mountain stars are yin qi.

All stars come from outside into a house and stay there, water star moving around looking for mountain star, mountain star staying quietly waiting to meet a water star. Time star fills a confined space.

When there is a window or door, the room will be rich in water star. Mountain star qi is rich as long as there is enough mountain like a solid wall. Water star will find it difficult to come into a room if there is no window but it does not mean that there is absolutely no water star in the room. No matter how thick is a wall, it is porous and some water star can get in. Well, it will be a hard task for the water star to go through a wall. Once inside, the water dragon is very exhausted and needs to drink or bath in water. This is why we need a water feature inside, especially when it is difficult for the water star to come in. The active water will revitalize the star.

Why do we need water feature outside the house? It is to retain the water star so that it has more energy to get into the house in abundant amount. The same is the need to have a mountain outside the house - to retain the qi waiting to get into the house.

A star chart does not mean the stars are born in the house and automatically occupy space in the house. It is only a map showing the directions where the stars come into the house.

Por Master Joseph Yu