quarta-feira, 29 de fevereiro de 2012

Feng Shui Research (1)

Estou compartilhando uma serie de postagens de Master Yu que achei muito importantes. Repasso no original em inglês e você pode usar o tradutor do Google, caso necessite.

When I founded Feng Shui Research Center, I expected my students to join me researching the validity of Feng Shui theories in practice. Some people expect the research work to satisfy scientific requirements. We must understand and agree that Feng Shui is not a science. It is not a pseudo-science. It is a branch of studies in metaphysics - something that exists but not obeying the laws of physics. To help people understand a little of the Feng Shui theories we use analogies that most people are familiar with. For example, we start with qi but we do not attempt to define what it is. We use it as an undefined term but describe it as something that "rides the wind". This approach is like science. But you can see that this is just an analogy. "Wind" here includes any moving object, not necessarily air molecules from a physics standpoint. Then at some point, we use the word "star" to mean some kind of qi with "personality". At this point, we see there is a huge gap separating physics and metaphysics. 

How can we expect that our research work has to meet with the criteria scientific research work has to undergo? 

Some may say to prove that Feng Shui practice works we can design some simple experiments to test the effect of placing an aquarium in a house according to Feng Shui practitioner's recommendation with a control experiment without the aquarium and repeat the experiment for many other pairs of houses. By the effects we may mean "the amount of money made" by the people for the same time period.

Well, in the first place, activating the qi only helps people use the qi in doing their work. To make more money we still need other factors like the general economy and how it affects different kinds of business. It still depends on how the "star's" personality affects the people's work. It is not "water = more money" or "1 + 1 = 2".

To say that such experiments are irrelevant is not evasive of valid "tests" to prove or disprove that Feng Shui works.

Joseph Yu  -